PhotoCorps was established to celebrate and advance intentional photography—one of our most powerful tools for communication & expression.


The first component is a collaborative project called PhotoScouting. This program encourages individuals to demonstrate photographic principles, explore neighborhoods and connect with others while creating meaningful photographs. 

A PhotoScouting Guidebook organizes these tasks in three categories: Photography, Neighborhood and People. Participants earn patches by completing tasks in each category. 

Choice submissions are collected in a printed edition. The First Edition is out now and Neighborhood Editions are in production for Price Hill and Madisonville


Who’s Behind This?

Chris explores his home of Northside with a camera.  Photo by Casey Wadlow

Chris explores his home of Northside with a camera. Photo by Casey Wadlow


My name is Chris Glass and folks know me for different things. Some know me as a designer, with projects under my belt that include websites for many local arts organizations, album covers, a Mother tattoo, a map of my neighborhood or the Recovery emblem for the Obama administration.

Others know me as the guy that prints and sells t-shirts like “Made in Ohio.”

Some follow my photography. I’ve kept a photo journal for over 10 years and have gotten a few gigs taking portraits of rock bands and famous internet cats.

So I make things. It all falls under the umbrella of creativity and I find there’s never an end of new avenues to explore, express and enjoy.

In early 2016 I was awarded the Haile Fellowship by People’s Liberty. This presented an opportunity to explore my greatest passion: Photography. 



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