Let’s explore Orchard Knob and East Lake

The desire to meet neighbors and explore together isn't limited to a single city. That's why Chattanooga Design Studio has adapted PhotoScouting for Chattanooga, TN. 

Together with the neighborhoods of Orchard Knob and East Lake, we will be organizing photowalks for publication in a Neighborhood Edition that reflects the unique spirit, history, and values of each area.

Join us for an upcoming walk to see your neighborhood in a new light or to explore an unfamiliar area, learning from residents as we go.

Upcoming PhotoWalks

Saturday, November 24 - East Lake Park



Frequent Questions

Who can participate?
Anyone! This project is for folks living in Chattanooga or for those that always wanted to explore the neighborhood.

Can I use my phone’s camera?
Yes ! If you have a dedicated camera that works too. (You can also use film, however images must be submitted digitally.)

Do I need to go on a photowalk to submit photos?
Nope. You can explore these Chattanooga neighborhoods at your own pace and still participate.

How many photos may I submit?
As many as you like!

How do I submit photos?
Upload your photos with this form.

When is the deadline?
The deadline is May 31, 2019.

Do I need to get release forms?
All portraits submitted will only be used for artistic and editorial use, you will not need release forms.

What about copyright?
Rights remain with photographer. By submitting photos, we have permission for publication on a website, in the printed edition and social media.

What will happen to these photos?
We’ll make an online gallery to share with the community and photobooks will be available.

How did PhotoScouting begin?
PhotoScouting was originally made possible by a Haile Fellowship from People's Liberty in Cincinnati, which provided a year-long civic sabbatical to research, plan and implement a big idea to change their community’s future.