Neighborhood Challenges

These 7 Challenges are all about getting out and exploring your neighborhood. Feeling adventurous? Travel and capture a new neighborhood. Complete any 4 exercises: Get a patch


Pack it In

Find a dense view in the neighborhood. Fill the frame with as much detail as possible! Include things that represent this very moment: signs, cars and people wearing clothing that reflects the style of the day.



Find something exemplary in the neighborhood—a building, landscape or geographic feature that defines the area or helps someone get their bearings.


A Fine Walk

Take a favorite stroll in your neighborhood or wander a new path. 
Share a view along the route.


Discover architectural details. Examine buildings, look up, check the corners and capture some element of interest.

Needs Love

Find something in your neighborhood that might be broken. Take a photo.


Take a snapshot of something that’s been in your neighborhood for a long, long time.


Capture an event that showcases your neighborhood spirit