People Challenges

These 7 exercises are about digging deeper, sharing personal perspective, finding greater meaning and crossing paths with people. Complete 4 exercises: Get a patch



Take a portrait of someone you admire. Capture the personality of your subject.



Who are you grateful for? Include them in your photograph in some way.



Who do you consider family?
Gather for a group shot


Who made that delicious food you’re eating? Photograph the person who cooked or served your meal. (You can still take a photo of the dish, but this is about digging deeper and in some cases, getting to know someone new.)


Get far out. Make up a scene. Use props or costumes. Include yourself or friends to tell a story with a single photo. It can be extravagant or boring, as long as there’s a human in there.

Say Hello

Photograph someone you don’t know, yet. Ask their permission, no covert stuff here.

If you’re young, make sure you have a parent or guardian with you before you talk to strangers. Have this booklet handy if there are questions.


Capture joy in humanity.

Last challenge, make it count!