Photography Challenges

These 7 Challenges consider basics of photography—techniques you can use with your phone or a dedicated camera. Complete any 4 exercises: Get a patch


Rule of Thirds

When framing a photo, imagine the scene divided as above. Think about what element of the photo is most important and position it near the lines and intersections of the grid. This “Rule of Thirds” is a fundamental technique of composition, providing focal point and balance to your photographs.


Depth of Field

Set up your shot with a very specific foreground subject and background to convey a sense of depth. Focus on one of these elements to enhance this distance.



Fill your viewfinder with a (very) close-up subject. Find the distance that ensures your image is in focus by experimenting


Capture motion in some way.
Options include:

1. Find a subject in motion.

2. Move the camera with the subject.

3. Use a long exposure. Make sure to rest your phone or camera on a solid surface.


Find a pattern and capture it.

There are patterns all around. On the walls, under our feet and in unexpected ways. Maybe it is similarity of objects repeated within a scene.


Fill your frame with color. Maybe it is a single hue or an entire spectrum.


Center your subject or find symmetry in the scene. This is a powerful compositional tool that draws attention to your subject matter.