What is this all about?

PhotoCorps is a project funded by a 2016 People’s Liberty Fellowship for Chris Glass (Hi!). I've always loved photography—taking daily photos for over a decade. I find it is one of the most rewarding and powerful ways to document, communicate and reflect on life.

Thing is? My camera roll was starting to fill up with pictures of food, selfies, random stuff and my cat (that's Edie). 

I wanted to get better, to find new challenges and elevate my photography skills.

That's how PhotoCorps was born: building basic photography principles, encouraging neighborhood exploration and expressing deeper meaning.

Who is this for?

Anyone! For young and old, professional or curious, it’s for those looking to find new ways of seeing. Whether you have a fancy camera or use your phone, PhotoScouting is for you.

I’m using my hometown as a test for this crazy idea to celebrate photography. Anyone can participate, and it is entirely free for folks living in the Greater Cincinnati area

Outside of Cincinnati? The PhotoScouting Guidebook and rewards will be available at a reasonable cost. Sign up for updates to find out when they are available.

How can I participate?

  • Organize a Photowalk in your neighborhood. No experience required. It can simply be a stroll along the sidewalks. Drop a line and let‘s make something happen! All participants receive a PhotoScouting Guidebook.
  • Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to find out when the next photowalks or projects are coming up. (Or Join our email list)

What’s the Printed Edition?

Photos submitted were collected in a Printed Edition.

This publication organized the photographic challenges into themes and chapters. Imagine a chapter all about color, another about pattern and one dedicated to those we admire.

The goal was to showcase diverse perspectives across the Greater Cincinnati community.

There are also two Neighborhood Editions, one for
Madisonville and Price Hill Communities in Cincinnati.

How do I get a PhotoScouting Guide Book?

Come to an event where they are distributed. Sign up for updates to find out where else they will be available and when they can be secured online.'